Hypertension treatments, Zalmanov method
Zalmanov Baths

The Zalmanov method is a natural way to treat hypertension, the immune system, restore metabolism and increase energy and vitality of the body.

High Blood Pressure treatments
High Blood Pressure 

  There is a direct relationship between a decrease in the number of open capillaries and an increase in blood pressure.
   Zalmanov's method cleans capillaries and lowers blood pressure. 

Immune System treatments, Zalmanov method
Immune System 

   Healthy capillaries are the body's main defense against infection.
   Any insufficiency of blood microcirculation leads to metabolic disorders and weakened immunity.

Metabolism treatments, Zalmanov method

   "The disease of the capillary bed is the most important aspect of the pathology. This is the basis of any disease, without this knowledge medicine remains blind and cannot understand the pathology."
A. Zalmanov
The capillary network is the main organ in which metabolism occurs.
Microcirculation is an important but often poorly recognized factor in human health.


Aging treatments, Zalmanov method
Aging and Rejuvenation

"Any present treatment should be accompanied by a rejuvenation. We should also we could live 100
and more years, remaining youngish and active. " A.Zalmanov

Metabolism treatments, Zalmanov method
Weight loss

   Zalmanov's baths have a positive effect on the skin, they are effective for weight loss. By improving blood circulation and metabolism, it contributes to the normalization of fat metabolism, which allows you to reduce weight.

Immune system pathology and allergy treatments

Recommended for Immune system pathology and allergy, normal BP, Dosage

Immune system pathology and allergy, high BP

Recommended for Immune system pathology and allergy, high BP, Dosage

Arthritis, Sciatica treatments

Arthritis, Sciatica,  Rejuvenation and Metabolism disease - normal BP, Dosage

Hypertension (high blood pressure) treatments

Recommended for Hypertension (high blood pressure) treatments, Dosage

Kidney diseases treatments

Recommended for Kidney diseases treatments - normal BP, Dosage


- only 20% of the body's blood located in the large arteries and veins (they are used to transport blood from the capillaries to the heart), the remaining 80% are in the capillaries, venules and arterioles.
- the total length of the capillaries of an adult is up to 100,000 km.
- the total area of ​​all capillaries is 6300 m²

Main functions:
- providing each cell with nutrients and oxygen
-transport of waste products from cells to venules
- contraction or expansion in proportion to the needs of the tissue in the blood supply.
   Waste products from the body (such as carbon dioxide and urea) can also pass through the walls of the capillaries, be transported and excreted from the body.

   Due to aging, malnutrition,  environmental pollutions - more and more capillaries are partially or completely blocked by plaques.      Thus, to push the same volume of blood through the circulatory system,  blood pressure must be increased and the heart must work harder

  Life is the perpetual movement of fluids between cells and within cells. Stopping this movement results in death. Partial blockage of the movement of fluids in any organ causes a partial disorder. The total delay of extra- and intracellular fluid in the body causes disease.
   Due to aging, malnutrition, environmental pollution, more and more capillaries are partially or completely blocked by plaques.
Disturbed microcirculation leads to the fact that a group of cells / organs can no longer work properly and leads to their diseases      

There are three stages of the process:
- while taking a bath, the tonic dissolved in water penetrates through the skin into the capillaries
- during subsequent rest and sweating in a warm bed, toxins and soluble plaques will be excreted from the body along with sweat
- take a shower to cleanse the skin

   For a noticeable effect, you need to take 7-8 procedures.
   For a good effect, you need to take 15-17 procedures.
   Baths should be taken every 2-3 days. The cycle is repeated after six months.

Traditional medicine focuses on the treatment of diseases. Modern medicine is based on the principle of allopathy* and, by definition, aims to treat symptoms.
   Conventional medicine and naturopathy were practically destroyed by Rockefeller in the 1900s, see Flexner report.

* allopathy - the method of treating disease by the use of agents that produce effects different from those of the disease treated 

   A well-known Russian doctor Alexander Zalmanov made a huge contribution to the development of naturopathy.
   Born in 1875 in Russia, received three medical diplomas: in Russia, Germany and Italy.
   His treatment method showed excellent results and was approved by the French Ministry of Health.
   He died in 1965 in Paris at the age of 90.

   The human body is a self-regulating and self-healing system in which all organs interact with each other, so one organ cannot be treated as a separate element.
   Most diseases, especially age-related ones, are associated with metabolic disorders.
   Metabolism occurs in the capillaries, which contain more than 80% of the total amount of blood in the body.
   Improper functioning of the capillaries means insufficient nutrition of the cells and removal of waste products from them. The more non-functioning capillaries, the more extensive and severe the disease.
   From point of view
metabolic disorders and changes in blood circulation in the capillaries, their treatment should be considered as the main factor in the treatment of diseases, especially senile ones, all other factors are secondary.

  Until August 1914, the methods of treatment were guided by the ideas of preventive medicine, that is, they avoided accelerating the stages of the normal development of diseases, referring to the natural defense reactions of the sick organism itself. 

   Modern medicine, striving to achieve a quick demonstrative recovery and not thinking about the physiological future of patients, was born in the war and post-war times of 1914 and 1945.
  At that time, it was necessary to act immediately, to put the wounded soldiers on their feet in order to quickly make up for losses. In connection with this categorical inevitability, medicine in all countries has done its duty well.

- High blood pressure;
- Cardiovascular diseases;
- Digestive system;
- Respiratory system;
- Blood diseases;
- Nervous and endocrine system;
- Surgical diseases and consequences of various injuries;
- Diseases of the urinary system, kidneys;
- ENT diseases, eye diseases;
- Skin diseases, gynecological diseases;
- Musculoskeletal system, joints.

With the treatment according to the Zalmanov's method, a significant improvement in well-being reaches 80%.

* Based on "The secret wisdom of the human body"  by A. Zalmanov

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