Weight loss

    When taking Zalmanov's baths, the capillary system is cleansed and activated, which means that blood microcirculation is activated. During the procedures, metabolic processes are gradually normalized. This helps to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol, increases blood supply to problem areas of the body, and eliminates cellulite.
    Zalmanov's baths by themselves do not reduce your weight. They only normalize metabolic processes. And, when the metabolism returns to normal, the body gets rid of the accumulated fat deposits. Therefore, you should not in vain believe the promises that you will instantly lose weight.
   However, the big plus is that weight loss will still happen, albeit gradually, and the lost weight is unlikely to return, which often happens after various diets. But this is of course, if you do not immediately begin to overeat and lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which again disrupts your metabolism.

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