Zalmanov Baths

   "Treatment without hydrotherapy is limited and hides its ineffectiveness behind a mountain of poisonous and useless drugs." A. Zalmanov
High Blood Pressure

Treatments with Zalmanov baths

  For Zalmanov's emulsions, only natural gum turpentine should be used - this is a compulsory. Gum turpentine does not dissolve in water and remains on the surface. Dr. Zalmanov invented a composition that dissolves in the water column and can be used as a therapeutic bath tonic. 

Zalmanov's baths are strong and effective remedies for hypertension, microcirculation disorders, problems with the immune system, diabetes mellitus, glaucoma, chronic rheumatism, sciatica. Zalmanov, after many years of researches, found a formula that allows varying balneotherapeutic agents, which, by their action on capillaries, really deserve to become a weapon in the therapeutic arsenal of medicine of the future

   White bath tonic performs capillary gymnastics, stimulating the capillaries of the skin and all organs, therefore it affects the general condition and increases blood pressure. The other (yellow) promotes the dissolution of deposits of pathological substances in the joint cavities, in periarticular tissues, in the walls of blood vessels, in tendons, in the lens (cataract). Yellow bath tonic lowers blood pressure. Both tonics have an extremely high analgesic effect. Both tonics complement each other, allow you to adapt the treatment for each individual case and change it at any time.

   Yellow tonic dissolves exostoses that occur with hypertrophic deforming rheumatism, calcium deposits in the joints and tendons. With the consequences of cerebral hemorrhage, with myelopathy, the yellow tonic washes out the remains of dead cells surrounding neurons, releases neurons squeezed by metabolites and creates favorable conditions for their revival. In chronic myelopathies with muscle atrophy (eg dry patches), high blood pressure, one should start with a series of yellow baths, of course, with a diet poor in salt and proteins.

   A huge advantage of Zalmanov's baths is the impact on the capillary network of our body as a whole. The mechanism of action of baths always remains the same - opening closed capillaries, increasing the supply of oxygen, glucose and other nutrients, improving venous circulation, removing metabolites, and sequentially removing toxins resulting from metabolism.

    Mixed baths are used to normalize blood pressure, as well as to regulate blood pressure. By combining the formulation of a mixture of white and yellow emulsions, favorable blood pressure can be achieved. Thanks to various combinations of these emulsions, mixed baths have a wide range of effects on the human body.

   Zalmanov's baths step by step open closed capillaries, restore blood supply to dried-up islets in tissues, provide oxygen supply and drainage to remove metabolites - and the life of tissues and cells is restored. Any chronic disease is premature aging. Any real treatment must be accompanied by rejuvenation. We should and could live 100 years or more and still be young and active.

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