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Zalmanov Baths

"Treatments without hydrotherapy is limited and hides its inefficiency behind a mountain of poisonous and useless drugs."                 A. Zalmanov

Zalmanov baths are really strong and effective natural method of relief in cases of Hypertension, Microcirculation disorders, Immune system problems, Diabetes, Glaucoma, Chronic rheumatism, Sciatica. To reduce duration of these baths, after variety of years of researches Zalmanov has found the formula of a pine sap solution, allowing to vary balneotherapeutic, which on the influence on capillaries really deserves to become the weapon of a therapeutic arsenal of medicine of the future.

White bath tonic carries out the gymnastics of capillaries stimulating skin capillaries and all organs, hence, operates on the general condition. It raises arterial pressure. Another one(yellow) by means of strengthening of internal combustion and expansion of capillaries helps dissolution of pathological substances depositions with articulate cavities, in periarticular tissues, in walls of blood vessels, in sinews, in a crystalline lens(cataract).

Yellow bath tonic lowers arterial pressure of blood. Both tonics have extremely high anaesthetising action. Both tonics supplement each other, allow to adapt treatment for each separate case and to change it at any moment.

Yellow tonic dissolves exostosis, meeting at hypertrophic deforming rheumatism, calcium depositions in joints and in sinews. At hemorrhage consequences in a brain, at myelopathy the yellow tonic washes away remains of dead cells surrounding neurons, liberates compressed with metabolites neurons and creates favorable conditions for their revival. At chronic myelopathies with an atrophy of muscles (for example tabes), with increased arterial pressure it is necessary to begin with a series of yellow baths, of course, at a diet, poor salt and proteins.

A huge advantage of the Zalmanov baths is an influence on a capillary network of our organism as a whole. The mechanism of action of the baths always remains the same - opening closed capillaries, increased flow of oxygen, glucose and other nutrients, improvement of venous circulation, metabolite excretion, consecutive excretion of toxin resulting from metabolism. 

Yellow tonic is used at the high blood pressure. The good result may be observed at Thromboses, Exostosis, Rheumatism, Neuritis. It also helps skin to secrete through sweat chloride sodium and urea. It has strong anesthetizing action, strengthens the muscles.

White tonic is used to raise of arterial pressure, at a stenocardia, for regulation kidneys work , functional recovery of muscles and blood supply, at Arthritis, Neuritis, Prolonged diseases.

The mixed baths are used at normal blood pressure, and in order to regulate the blood pressure. Combining the formulation of mix white and yellow emulsions, it is possible to achieve favorable arterial pressure. Owing to various combinations these emulsions, the mixed baths have an extensive field of influence on a human organism.

Zalmanov baths, step by step open the closed capillaries, restore supply by blood of the dried up islets in tissues, provide inflow of oxygen and a drainage for removal metabolites - and the life of tissues and cells is restored. Any chronic illness is a premature aging. Any present treatment shold be accompanied by a rejuvenation. We should also we could live 100 and more years, remaining youngish and active.