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The procedure of taking turpentine baths.

   The results of treatments with turpentine baths are directly influenced on the application techniques.  To have Zalmanov baths procedures at home you will need:

     - bath with capacity 170-200L
     - hot and cold water(you need to add hot water during a procedure to increase temperature)
     - water thermometer with 50 Celsius degree scale
     - measuring glass
     - sphygmomanometer to measure BP
     - clock
     - mirror (for the control of perspiration on your face if you take baths without the assistant)
     - Zalmanov bath tonics: yellow turpentine solution and white turpentine emulsion

   The frequency of taking the baths depends on the diagnosis and patient condition.  In most cases it’s recommended to have procedures every second day, in cases of strong pain - every day.  The starting dose of any tonic mix is 20-25 ml for an adult and gradually increases up to 120 - 130 ml, depending on tolerancy to turpentine baths and their efficacy.

  Remember - no alcohol, no tobacco, no antibiotics during procedures, avoid meat dishes also.
    When you take baths with a white tonic you can feel prickling or burning of the skin at different places. Skin reaction depends on turpentine concentration and on individual sensitivity. Excessive burning means overdose of turpentine mixes or exceeding the dosage or time of taking the bath. To avoid feeling of burning it is recommended to use vaseline to protect genitals before taking baths.

All session of treatment can be divided into three stages:

The first stage - preparation of the bath

  Fill the bath with warm water 36 (± 1) °C up to 15-25 sm from edges. Use a water thermometer to control water temperature. The water thermometer should be in the bath water for the duration of procedure.
  Take a bowl and a measuring glass. Measure the necessary amount of Zalmanov bath tonic, pour it into the bowl, add hot water from the tap and stir well. Pour out the diluted mix into the bath and stir well with both hands

The second stage -  taking turpentine baths
   Lay down in the bath, submerge into a water solution as deeply as possible keeping head above water. Open the hot water tap and start to add hot water, gradually increasing water temperature. Approximately on 1 °C + every 2 minutes. Relax and lay in water occasionally stirring the water with hands and legs.
   Watch  the thermometer and clock. Be sure to control the speed of temperature rising.
   The maximum recommended temperature for white turpentine baths is 39 (± 1) °C and 41°C- 42°C for the yellow turpentine.

   For first 5 minutes it is recommended to increase the temperature only up to 39-40 °C so your body has time to adapt to the increase of external temperature. Remember - in all cases the starting temperature of bath water needs to be ~36°C.
   The average duration a Zalmanov  baths should not exceed 15 - 17 minutes, depending on person’s general condition and the amount of perspiration on the person’s face. If  sweat on the person face has appeared before the recommended time, the procedure can be finished earlier. If the perspiration is late, it is possible to prolong the bath for another 1-3 min.
   Appearance of sweat on the person’s face is the key moment of taking turpentine bath and means, that the person’s body has reached the necessary stage and the procedure can be finished. Be careful - the turpentine tonic makes bath walls slippery. Put on a bathrobe or use a big towel, but do not wipe off your skin. Go to bed to have the final stage of the procedure.

The third stage -  rest

   Although at this stage you are not in the bath, it is very important for getting the best effect. It is necessary to be in bed for about 1~2 hours which will lead to further perspiration. For intense perspiration, which begins in the bath, it is necessary to be covered very warmly with  2-3 blankets. Besides that, it is good idea to drink a cup of hot tea ideally with diaphoretic herbs (for example with raspberry fruits, linden flowers, elderflowers) and honey. This will increase and prolong the process of perspiration - that removes toxins from your body. Remember, that cleansing of the body removes illness.

To complete procedure, after finishing rest, refresh you body with light shower(with no soap or shampoo).