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good blood pressure

Reduce your high blood pressure naturally

Pinacea Zelandica bath tonic will help you to reducel high blood pressure without medication.
This bath tonic can help with blood disorders, broken metabolism, immune sysytem problems, arthritis, back pain, chronic diseases 

Pinacea Zelandica bath tonics can be used for

High blood bressure treatments

 Pinacea Zelandica bath tonic is effecctive natural method to reduce high blood pressure without side effects .

Immune system trigger

In struggle against an infection healthy capillaries are the main defender.  Do not forget - broken microcirculation means broken metamolism and immune disorders.

Blood circulation disorders

Capillaries network is the main area where metabolism occurs, so microcirculation remedy will help you to be strong and healthy

Arthritis, back pain remedies

These simple bath procedues will relieve pain and treat joints problems.

Weight loss

Pinacea Zelandica bath tonic not only allows you to lose weight, but also acted solely Rejuvenating

How to use - video

Step by step video instruction how to have bath procedures most effective way.

Immune system pathology and allergy

Normal BP 

Recommended for Immune system pathology and allergy, normal BP (2x500ml yellow bath tonic and 4x500 white bath tonic)

Immune system pathology and allergy

High BP 

Recommended for Immune system pathology and allergy, high BP (4x500ml yellow bath tonic and 2x500 white bath tonic)

Arthritis, Sciatica, Musculoskeletal diseases, Rejuvenation

Normal BP 

Recommended for Arthritis, Sciatica, Rejuvenation and Metabolism disease - 
(3x500ml yellow, & 3x500ml white tonic)

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

High BP 

Recommended for High Blood Pressure(Hypertension),
(6x500ml yellow emulsion ) 

Kidney diseases

Normal and high BP

Recommended for Kidney diseases,  
(5x500ml yellow emulsion & 1x500ml white tonic

How to use at home